11 Tricks Restaurants Make You Pay More

11 Tricks Restaurants Make You Pay More:

1. No $ sign trick: Price does not have the dollar sign (use 17 instead of $17)
2. Price Not Noticeable trick: Price is listed at the very end of the long description rather at the right justified location.
3. Word adjective trick: Use adjective such as tasty, tender, organic, delicious. (to make you mouth watering first)
4. Description trick: List the recipe for each dish making each ingredient sound ultra-special.
5. High low price trick: Use price contrast: a very high priced item followed by a moderate one. (If all high price you may leave).
6. Special price not written trick: Prices for today’s Specials are not written down. (are you embarrassed to ask?)
7. Small portion trick: Lower price item may be smaller portion
8. Top of the list trick: Profitable item is the first in the section. Unprofitable dishes are usually banished to a corner that’s less noticeable.
9. Box it trick: If you draw a line around the profitable one, people will order.
10. Photos trick: Good photos also sell dishes.
11. Shy trick: Don’t feel obliged to order recommendations made by waiting staff

This is an excerpt from BayAreaDiner.com

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