111 Ways to Cheat on a Test

111 ways to CHEAT on a TEST on Facebook
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Cheating is generally considered unethical and lazy. It’s a form of dishonesty, comparable to stealing and lying. There are some cases, however, where cheating on a test might be argued to be acceptable. Sometimes there are tests that are the result of politics, rather than practicality. Either way, you must be prepared to accept the consequences of cheating. It’s a risk, and if you get caught, take full responsibility for your actions. With that being said, here are some ways that people cheat.

Be careful and always be aware of where the teacher is looking; no method of cheating is successful if the teacher is looking right at you while you hold the notes in your hand and are frantically copying them onto the test. Also, be aware of what your colleagues are doing, as they would love to notify your professor or your dean of your actions. If it should ever come to that, and you know no one has no proof whatsoever that you cheated: deny, deny, deny! (Convince yourself as well as your adversaries you did not cheat, remaining firm and confident.) As long as they can not prove it but can only wonder or hear someone else’s words against your own, you’re in the clear. Don’t get caught often though, or the authorities will get suspicious. The best policy is not to cheat.

Looking method

This is the simplest trick in the book, and involves simply peeking at the paper of another student. Try not to make it too obvious. Pretend you are cracking your neck or something like that.

Pen Cap method

  1. This only works with pens with caps!
  2. First, take short notes on a small slip of paper. Make sure it will fit inside a pen cap.
  3. Roll up and slip the paper in the cap of the pen you are going to use. Put the cap back on the other end of the pen (tip exposed so you can write).
  4. Remove the cap and pull out your notes when you need to (will take some effort). When you are done, re-roll the paper and put it back in the pen cap. Put the cap back on the end of your pen and keep working. Repeat if necessary.
  5. If this is done a lot, people might start to get suspicious of cheating. Do it as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary.
  6. Using multiple pens will give you more notes.

Desk Method

  1. Write up some notes on a slip of paper.
  2. This method only works if you have the kind of desks where you can put stuff inside.
  3. Using a backpack might also work if you don’t have these kind of desks.
  4. Put the notes deep down in the back/bottom of your desk/backpack before the test begins. Don’t let anyone see you (best if done outside of class).
  5. During the test, you can look in your desk/backpack and pretend to be looking for something when you actually are looking at your notes.
  6. Removing something from your desk will make you less suspicious of cheating, as you are pretending to be looking for something when really you are looking at your notes for the test.
  7. Put some extra pens/pencils/erasers/etc. in your desk or backpack so you can remove that. Remember to remove something that is a supply needed to do the test.
  8. Bring a flashlight if necessary.
  9. This is a very easy but complicated method that can be used for almost any test!

Alternative Sleeve Method

First, you must have a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. Have a piece of paper with your notes or answers to the test written in one small column on the paper. Then tear or cut out all of the paper without any information on it. Then slide the paper with your notes or answers into your sleeve. On the day of the test slowly slide the paper out of your hoodie towards your wrist making sure to keep any revealed paper behind your hand and read whatever you need. It’s much easier if you sit towards the back of the class.

Pencil method (easiest method)

This method works well, especially if you are seated where no one is behind you. Bring a mechanical pencil to school the day before the test, so it is not too obvious you are cheating. Write some notes on a small piece of paper, and roll it inside the pencil, where the lead goes. Bring this pencil to the test, but have only half a piece of lead in the pencil. Answer the questions you know first, and then make it obvious you’re out of lead. Open your box of lead, take one out, and open your pencil. Hide the pencil in your desk, look at the notes, and close the pencil. When done with the notes, and test, roll some chewed up gum in the wrapper and throw the evidence away.

White Colored Pencil Method

This method is also very easy. All you need is the kind of paper your teacher makes you use during tests. For instance, my English teacher always has my class and I use loose-leaf. Write notes as you would normally do, but with white colored pencil. Marker might also work. Do not use white out, others are able to see it for a distance. You might want to press a little so you can see the notes during the test.

Ideogram Method

  1. Know that ideograms are symbols used to represent words.
  2. Doodle something to represent a word for a test and nobody would think twice about it. Example The name Friedrich Nietzsche would translate into:
    • a doodle of Fred Flintstone (fred); A bag of money (rich); a ball of yarn with needle (knit as in Niet); a yin-yang chi symbol (chi). #*Those symbols would translate to:

(fred)(rich)(knit)(chi) saying the words out loud easily reveals the name.

  1. [This method works best with one word answers on tests without word banks and it helps if you are good at mad libs and drawing]

White Ink Method

This is more a case of hiding your notes/cheats in plain sight. The day before a test write all the cheats/notes on your coversheet, notebook (or in/on another place/object that you are sure to have around on test day). Write in a barley visible color e.g. pale yellow or white (or another color that is camouflaged by the object it is written on). They also sell skin colored gel ink, depending on your skin color this would be another simple method to cheat.

Backpack method

Leave your notes in an open backpack, which is covered by your leg. When the teacher isn’t looking, move your leg to reveal the notes.

Paper Method

Maybe you’re taking a vocabulary quiz or test, and you can’t memorize anything. Here is a great idea for you. (You have to be prepared the day before)

  1. Rewrite all of the spelling and the definition on a another paper, and that will be your final quiz/test
  2. The next day, you will sit at the back and take out the “final quiz/test” and other sheet of paper
  3. (This only works with if you have a hole in your desk, like in middle schools.) You put your final quiz inside the hole and try to look like you’re writing and doing your quiz.
  4. If you don’t have a hole in your desk, then keep your book bag with you. Don’t leave it in the floor but hanging in your seat. Keep it open.
  5. When time is almost up, quickly switch the 2 papers and keep the final copy in the top of the desk. When the teacher is going to collect it, just hand it to him/her.
  6. When the bell rings, take the other copy and crumple it up, and when you are going outside in the hallway for next class, just throw it out in the trashcan or if the teacher checks in the trashcan, then throw it in the hallway or your class trashcan.
  • Note: When switching papers, don’t switch it when the teacher is next to you. If you don’t want to switch, then keep the final copy in the floor and when you are going to hand it in, just pick it up, like your paper accidentally went to the floor, and later on hide the other copy.
  • Another note: Beware that if they are snitch and teacher’s pet anywhere. They just want to be perfect to the teacher, by telling on you. It is recommended you sit where no one is sitting.

The Black Red Pen Method

If tests are corrected in class, insert black ink into a red pen. Write down the answers while the teacher is distracted, and switch the black pen for a genuine red pen if the teacher comes near.

Wooden Pencil Method

Write small notes on one side of a pencil which is kept on your desk, with the notes facing down. Simply rotate pencil to reveal notes.

Backwards Hood Method

  1. Rip a off a piece of paper, maybe about 5′ by 5′.
  2. Write all of the answers on the paper.
  3. Tape the cheat-sheet into your hood.
  4. Put your hoodie on backwards, so that the hood is in front of you. (If you’re wearing a pullover hoodie, only put your arms in so that the hood is again in the front of your body.
  5. Look at the paper, easily, whenever needed!

Buy the Instructor’s Edition

  1. If the teacher uses photocopied tests from a textbook, obtain the book title. These can be purchased online for $15-30.
  2. Ensure that the textbook actually contains the test before purchase.
  3. Perfect scores can be obtained on tests, quizzes, homework and class work as well.
  4. Simply memorize the answers to the test in question.
  5. Solution Manuals can also be obtained in the same manner, though with a higher degree of difficulty.
  6. This material can also be used as learning aids, and describe detailed problem solving methods.
  7. This may be expensive, so get friends to chip in but don’t leak the information.
  8. Keep at a secret location.
  9. Then whenever a test looms, have him/her copy the necessary pages and distribute them to the group. You will need a credit card to make the purchase though, so bribe an older brother or cousin.

Scantron Method

  1. This method will not work if the grades are automatically logged into the system and the machine is set to automatically mark an MCQ with more than one response (by the student) as wrong.
  2. If you are taking a scantron test, (fill in the bubble tests often used in standardized tests, but also given by teachers) it will be graded by machine. However, you can fool the machine. If you are stuck between two answers, simply fill in both bubbles. The scantron will pick up on the darkest bubble. When the test is returned and you are checking it over with the class, pay attention. If the answer that the machine marked was correct, simply erase the incorrect bubble to make it appear as if you changed your mind on the test. If it marked it as incorrect, slightly erase the incorrect answer and tell your teacher that the scantron machine made an error and marked the less-darkened bubble. This works more with gullible teachers; some have been able to fool teachers many times with this method. However, do not do this on every test as your teacher will catch on eventually.

Pencil Case Method

  1. Make sure you bring a pencil case to class, preferably a clear one.
  2. Write the answers on a piece of paper and tape it on the underside of the lid, so the answers are visible.
  3. Bring the pencil case to class and use it for your test, quiz, or exam. Make sure it’s not entirely in the view of the teacher.
  4. Throw away the evidence afterwards.

Cell Phone Method

  1. Put all needed information in a note on your cell phone. Put your cell phone on your knees, where the teacher cannot see it, and when you need an answer, look down at the note you typed. Make sure no one calls you. Or get a friend that can TEXT you the answers on the text, but be careful with teachers!
  2. To quickly create a note in your mobile phone, open a notepad on your desktop and use copy & paste. Save the file and transfer to your cell phone via cable or wireless. Some phone such as Nokia opens notepad partially. One solution is to use various free text reader such as yongReader.
  3. If you have 3G access, you can easily type or copy & paste your whole year of notes on a free website specialized in note creation. Then use your phone browser to read your note as web page. With the built-in search, you can quickly get what you want in three seconds. Google “yongReader homeip” for wonderful cheat-in-action site.

Rubber Method

Note: Only works with thick rubbers. Before the test (at home, for example), take a rubber, and use a long, thin object (rulers work well) to saw through the middle of the rubber (the width, not length). Don’t go so far as to snap it in half. Gently bend the rubber so that the middle is revealed. Write notes or anything else in the middle, and let the rubber go back to its normal position. During the test, simply take the rubber out of your pencil case, bend it in half (pretend to be fiddling about), memorize the notes, and write them down.

Toilet Tank Method

Note: This must be prepared beforehand.

  1. Go to the toilet, and choose a specific stall. One that you’re sure you’ll remember.
  2. Go inside, lock the door, and open the top for the toilet tank. Usually, the water level doesn’t fill the tank all the way, so use that dry space to tape your notes to.
  3. Ask to go to the bathroom during the exam, after you’ve finished doing all the questions you know. If you’re not allowed, accept it. Someone can escort you to the bathroom if needed.
  4. Go into the stall you chose, lock the door, and take a look at the notes. Try not to make much noise if there are other people in the bathroom.
  5. Flush when you’re done, to make it sound authentic, and go back and write down the rest of the test.
  6. Go back to the stall after the exam to destroy the evidence.

Asian Language Method

Do you know an Asian language such as Japanese, Korean or Chinese? If so, this is the technique for you! Note: This works best if you are not Asian yourself. You must prepare for this the night before the exam. Before the Day of the Test:

  1. Figure out what you want to write down in English.
  2. Once you have decided what to write, take a pen and write your notes on the back of your hand in your Asian language if you are writing Japanese but are only familiar with katakana, then write in English, (e.g. “conclusion” becomes “konkurushon” [コンクルシシン].). Try to be creative and make it look like the characters are just decoration.
  3. Go to the bathroom and rub the pen off a little – but make sure you can still read it!
  4. Check later on in the evening that you can still understand your writing.
  5. On the day of the test, wear long sleeves so that it is not TOO obvious you have writing on your hand.
  6. Voila! You’re set! Teachers almost never suspect an Asian language!

The same method can be used for a ‘tattoo’. Just write the information in Asian on your hand, leg, etc. with a temporary ink pen few weeks/days before the exam (so the teacher won’t note the ‘tattoo’ on the day of the exam) and try to be creative so you make it look like a real tattoo, and after that you can keep it for another few days after the exam has past before you remove it (so you won’t be suspicious if you have rubbed it out just after the exam day).

Erasable Pen Method

They sell erasable ink now, you can go to any store and buy one this may not work for some tests though, but if you do, do the test with this pen, and if you get to check it yourself, when the teacher says to ” get out a pen and she better not see a pencil” take off the eraser part and put it in between your legs or something, then when you go to check it, erase the wrong answer and right it back, its in ink so she wont expect a thing!

Foot Signal Method

This one is recommended for multiple choice tests featuring letters or numbers.

Find a smarter classmate who will let you cheat from him/her. Agree some foot signals beforehand, example:

    • One quiet step of a foot means A or 1.
    • Two steps means B or 2.
    • Tapping your feet using your toes means by 10, and tapping your feet using your sides means by 5.

Hat Method

This involves a hat, small handwriting, and good acting skills.

  1. Get the “this will never work” look on your face, or a similar look that could be used as a prerequisite to taking one’s hat off.
  2. Take your hat off to wipe your brow with your sleeve. Your concealed page of notes should be visible inside the hat, where your forehead sits.

The “I’ll finish it tomorrow” Method

All you will need is a pencil, paper, and the test! This especially works if you have a multiple choice test.

  1. Do all of the questions as possible. Write down the questions you don’t know and slip it in your pocket.
  2. Tell your teacher you didn’t finish it. If he/she tells you to come in at a break time or at lunch, “forget”.
  3. Bring your paper home, and look up the answers, and write your answer down.
  4. The next day, when you get the chance to finish the test, pull out your paper. Revise the answers as necessary, and write them down!

Lunch Tray Method

This is a trick to do in the previous method.

  1. Do the “I’ll finish it tomorrow” method.
  2. Convince your teacher that you could finish your test at lunch.
  3. Come in at lunch and ask your teacher if you could eat lunch in the classroom. If you cannot, then this will not work.
  4. Bring your lunch in a lunch tray. If your lunch tray is box-you can fold your answers and slip them inside the tray in a position where the teacher can’t see. If you have a flat lunch tray, then you must place your answers behind something, or bring a piece of tape and tape it to the back of your milk or juice carton, if you have one.

Rubber Band Method

This is best for formula etc., and is done quite simply.

  1. Take a wide rubber band, stretch it out really widely and place books inside to keep it from getting small again.
  2. Write your notes/cheats on the stretched out rubber with a black ballpoint pen, making sure to write your letters as close as possible, while it’s stretched out.
  3. Let it return to its original size, and the notes will just look like black boxes, not cheats.
  4. Wear the rubber band as a bracelet to your test, and when you need the answers, just stretch the rubber band out, and when done, let it snap back.

Calculator Method

For tests allowing calculators, use any sort of text-based memory to record all the equations, notes, theorems, proofs, etc. Create a fake, password protected program and use the text box. No teacher will ever be able to access it. However, most exams do not allow programmable calculators and invigilators may check. Part 2. If you have a Scientific Calculator, preferably a TI- Silver Edition, you may use the green Alpha button to write in theorems and answers on it. This way, there’s no physical proof you ever did anything wrong (unless your teacher sees the theorems or snatches the calculator out of your hand while you’re working). If a suspicious teacher comes over, you hit Clear and the evidence’s gone. The one problem with this method is, you can’t use your calculator while the answers are on the screen or you’ll erase your answers. So quickly jot down the theorems/ answers (lightly) on the test and hit Clear, in order to work with your Calculator.

Shoe Sole Method

Get a piece of paper, and write down what you want on there. Afterward, tape it to the sole (bottom) of your shoe. During the test, just cross your legs in a way that the answers are very visible to you, and if the teacher comes nearby, just put your feet flat on the ground.

Glare Method

This is for if you need to know a few things in a certain order or a list of things before the teacher hands out the test and you are given a minute to study a little. Write the answers on your desk only in a spot where you can see it if the glare from the light hits it. Once you are finished wipe it off for no evidence.

Cell Phone Method

If you have a camera phone, take a picture of your notes. During the test, simply place the phone between your thighs, or camouflage it in your pencil case. You can also text yourself your notes/answers before the exam or text a friend if you need help during the exam. Remember to remove keypad tones and put your phone on silent, it’s a giveaway.

Lanyard Method

If you have any type of lanyard and know you have a test coming up a little more in advance (like three days or so) start wearing a lanyard to school like it’s something you want to start wearing. Make sure there are a few solid things on there that could eventually cover a slip of paper. The day before the test, write some notes on a slip of paper that can be blocked by the other things on the lanyard. Then, add it to the lanyard in between a few things. Since it’s thin, it’s likely no one will notice it being there. During the test, when you need an answer, start playing with it and peek at your notes. Don’t do this very often during the test, and if you sit in the front of the classroom, you may need to ask to go to the bathroom to look over them. When you’re done, flush the piece of paper down the toilet to destroy all/any evidence. For good measure, you might want to continue wearing the lanyard afterward, and you can keep using it for tests.

Sweatband Method

Works better if you’re an athletic person

  1. Start to wear a sweatband a few weeks before the test, as if to make it seem like an item that you’re going to wear periodically.
  2. Prepare a mini sheet of paper and attach it to the sweatband.
  3. Check your notes by taking it off and then when done, put it on the same wrist.
  4. Rid the notes, and continue wearing the sweatband for a week or so.

I.D. Badge Cheat

In order to do this, you must have an I.D. badge that you wear to school.

  1. The day before the test, write tiny notes on the sheets of paper that you will need for the test.
  2. If you don’t have a cover on badge, tape it on the back. (But don’t make it obvious!)
  3. The day of the test, have your I.D. Badge hanging around your neck, that way the badge will automatically fall into your lap.
  4. Make sure not to keep flipping the badge over to the side where the notes are, or the teacher will catch on.
  5. After test, ball the paper up, and put it in your book bag, or in your pocket, until you get to another class.

6. Get rid of the evidence, in that classroom.

  • You can also write on the back of the I.D. with pencil. It’s hard to see, but in the right light is visible only to you. When done, it’s easily erasable it with your thumb. *

The notes cheat

This is useful for writing formulas on math tests or science tests

The night before the test, write your formulas on the back of a sheet of paper. 2. Make sure they are light and in pencil! 3. Turn to the back every time you need a formula. 4. Erase the evidence and turn the test in!

Whiteout Cheat

If the notes are required to be handed in after a test: 1. Write your cheats on the page in pen. 2. Use the tape type of whiteout and whiteout all your notes. 3. On the day of the test, use an eraser and rub it off. 4. When you’re done, whiteout your notes. And doodle on it so it won’t look suspicious.

The Long Sleeve Cheat

Write some notes on your arm, the front, facing you, where your veins are. 2. During the test, peek inside your sleeve but do not pull it down. 3. At the end of the test, make sure your sleeve is pulled up at least to your knuckles. 4. Wash the notes off afterwards.

The Hand Glove Cheat

  • If you have hand gloves that have sleeves, obviously, all you need to do is fold the piece of paper so it fits in the sleeve, and then write notes on the front of the piece of paper. It’s a good idea to start wearing these hand gloves a few days beforehand so no one gets suspicious. You can buy these at mall stores like Hot Topic and Claire’s.

The Klutz Cheat

1. Sit next to friend while taking the test. 2. Have your friend “accidentally” drop their paper. 3. Pick up the paper slowly and look at the answers while giving it back.

Wallet Cheat

Write some notes on a paper that’s green and shaped like a dollar. 2. Get a wallet (with real money, of course!) and put your “money” inside. 3. Bring your wallet to school and put it out in front of you. 4. If the teacher asks why you have a wallet out, say you want to make sure nobody steals it. 5. When your teacher returns to his/her desk, pull out the money and notes. 6. Cheat away!

The MP3

  1. With a cheap microphone, do a voice recording of any and all notes you could need for the exam. Keep every chapter, section, etc. on a different track so it can be easily accessed.
  2. Store the audio file on the music player.
  3. Ask if you can listen to music while you work. Use the “I did all my studying listening to my music, so ‘state-dependent’ theory says…blah blah blah” excuse, if you must. If listening is not allowed, put an earphone up your sleeve, or wear a hood. (It is easy to conceal a small earphone without a conspicuous hood if you have long hair.)
  4. Listen to your “music” during the test.

The MP3 Revisited

  1. Write whatever notes you need in a text file and put it on your media player (may require software) or create an image file of the notes and load it. Some players have a feature which allows you to write lyrics for songs – this feature can be used to store information on tests.
  2. Wear a pair of baggy jeans to school.
  3. Make sure your desk is directly behind the person in front of you.
  4. Put your feet up against the back legs of the seat in front of you with your knees high to conceal your lap.
  5. Place player in your lap with your fly open. If your teacher comes near or suspects you, slide it into your pants. (Note: works best for teachers of the opposite sex, particularly girls with male teachers.)

The MP3 another method

Same as the first one. Record your notes with a microphone and put them on your MP3. If the teacher does not allow you listen to music (which many do not) Wear a jacket, sweater or long sleeve shirt to the test. Get the earphones and pass them under your left sleeve so that the earpiece is by your wrist. Put the mp3 on you lap under your sweater. Play the file and rest your head on your left hand while taking the test so that the earpiece is near your ear and you can hear the recording without being too suspicious.

The MP3 revisited. . .Again

Download speakonia off of download.com and write all of your notes down in this program. Save the file as a .wav and put it in an mp3 player. Set your mp3 player to repeat. I usually wear a track jacket because they have pockets on the inside and a tall collar to help hide the wire of the earphone. I just put the earphone in my hand and rest my hand on my ear and start writing answers.

The Coke-label method

Note: This requires serious preparation and work. It also helps if you are good with Photoshop. It only works if you are allowed to take a bottle of coke or similar into the test. You need to have access to a scanner

  1. Peel the label off a full coke bottle.
  2. Scan the label into an image-editing program like Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Delete the nutritional information and type in whatever text you need.
  4. Print out the label and stick it onto the bottle.
  5. Take the bottle into the test and place it so you can see the information.
  6. When you need, look, but don’t stare, otherwise it will seem suspicious.

The Take-home Test

Note: This one can get you in serious trouble… not for the faint-of-heart. But of course, you’ve already made the decision to cheat, so getting in trouble probably doesn’t faze you.

  1. Take the test home with you. Do not turn it in.
  2. Get help, and finish the test at home.
  3. Bring it back to class with you for the next lecture, along with several different colored pens and markers.
  4. When you see the teacher’s grading method: color, style, etc., grade your own test in the same manner.
  5. Either the teacher recollects the tests to record them, or when the end of the semester comes around, and you have no score recorded, you can bring in evidence that you actually took the test and got graded on it.
  6. If you don’t feel like doing that simply don’t turn the test in and claim that they lost it. Ask to retake it on a later date.

Bathroom Method

This is the second easiest way not to get caught (the first is not to cheat in the first place). Note that the person giving the test may have caught on to the trend in bathroom cheating and may not let you go.

  1. Have a calculator or some exam notes in your pocket and while taking the test, write questions down on a piece of scrap paper.
  2. Go to the bathroom, whip out the cheats and work out your answers.

For Essay Tests

This is a brick wall in the cheating world. You can either try to copy or BS your way through it, but one thing will get you the points: Teachers are usually looking for specific words or phrases to be used, and they usually tell you them in class the day before the test.

  • Know the teacher, know the buzz-words, and be able to BS it well. Sorry, no silver bullet here.


  1. Get some plasters or stickers and write down your information, buzz words, etc. on the sticky side of them.
  2. Stick them on your hand, wrist or arm on exam day.
  3. When the test comes, lift up the plaster to reveal your helpful hints.

“Whoops” Technique

  1. Manage to obtain a copy of the test.
  2. Mark the correct answers on this copy.
  3. When you get the actual test, write some stuff on it and pretend to be thinking (or scrambling if it is a different version).
  4. Just before tests are collected, pull out your original copy and stash the other; and turn in the good test.
    • If it is a different version, you may still be able to get away with it by turning in the wrong one, and when asked, say it was the one they gave you, and stick to that (this works best for essay type tests).

Hidden Cheat

  1. Write out your exam notes on a small piece of paper before the test, and slip the paper into the shaft of your pen.
  2. During the test, you can just take apart your pen and read the information needed. As always, make sure you don’t get seen.

Gum Wrapper

  1. Buy some gum before the test – not in a package, but some that comes individually wrapped.
  2. Open the package and carefully unwrap a stick of gum, so as not to rip the wrapper.
  3. Take a small sheet of paper, write your info and put it under the gum, wrapping the stick again.
  4. Put it back in the pack on top and take a few out so it looks like a pack you’ve had for a few days.
  5. During the exam, when the proctor isn’t looking, eat the gum and read your info.
  6. Pretend to get tired of the stick and put it back in the wrapper so you “destroy” your cheat notes and thus don’t get caught.


  1. Get a pack of gum that comes in a circular tin, like Ice Breakers Sours gum/mints.
  1. Cut out a circular piece of paper the size of the tin and open the “to share” side to read the notes. Only have a few pieces of gum in there, though, so that you won’t look suspicious when you throw it away.
    • This works even better under the padding of Altoids.


This usually only works with small notes, and if you are an athlete (football, skateboarding) this works even more effectively.

  1. Get the biggest Band-Aid you can.
  1. Write the some notes on the cloth-like part of the band-aid. Red (blood), brown (dried blood), or yellow/green (pus) works best, but you could really use any color.
  2. Put it on your elbow or knee.
  3. Scratch the Band-Aid as if it itches when test time comes. Then, act like you’re going to fix your band-aid.
  4. Pretend you’re looking at the wound, but don’t pull it completely off (you don’t have a wound!).
  5. Look at the answers.

Do not take the band-aid off during school! Administrators will see you’re faking.

Desk Cheat

  1. Before the test, get a good sheet of notes, formulas, complicated questions and answers, etc. and have it all summarized on a sheet of paper.
  2. Take the sheet and glue/tape it on to the bottom of the desk that you KNOW that you will be sitting at. Place it so that the top is at side of the desk furthest from you.
  3. During the test, simply drop your pencil under the desk, reach for it, look up and enjoy your answers (do not stare for too long or the teacher might notice).

Desk Cheat 2

  1. Print out a small strip of paper the thickness of the desk with the answers and put small strips of tape on the ends.
  2. Tape the paper to the edge of your desk or the desk closest to you, and if the teacher walks by, cover it with your arm.

Desk Cheat 3

This works best in the back of class.

  1. Before class, when the teacher isn’t there, write formulas etc. on the desk in pencil.
    • If the teacher walks by, just slide your paper over it.
    • If you’re not in the back of the class, or if the teacher periodically patrols the desk aisles, try writing very, very light on the desk so it doesn’t stand out.
    • Instead of writing out entire words or sentences, just use one letter (preferably a starting letter) to remind you what the full answer is, and just spread them out across your desk, instead of writing them all in one clumped area.
    • Another good place to write is in the small indent where you can put a pencil at the edge of your desk, as it is both difficult to see that spot while walking by, and you can place a pencil over your cheats without suspicion.
  2. When class is over you can simply erase the notes. (This works extremely well with light colored desks and pencil; use of pen isn’t recommended.)

Desk Cheat 4

Before class attach double sided (circled) tape to the desk. Sneak a normal sized sheet of notes. Read off your lap. If you feel threatened, pop your knee up and attach the paper to the top of the desk. Remember, less motion means less visibility.

Science class with specialized computer programs

Set up a network with your friends via common chat programs and have at it.

Note card Cheat

Note: This only works on multiple page tests.

  1. Write notes, answers, etc, on the front and back of a few note cards. If you must, study half of what you need to know, and write down the other half.
  2. On the day of the test, wear a sweatshirt with long sleeves. Slip the note cards into the sleeve.
  3. When you get the test, slip the note cards from your hand, to the second or third page of the test. When you go to look at the cards, it will look like you just are looking at pages ahead.
  4. When you actually get to the page on the test where the note cards are, slip them back into your sleeve and slip them on to another page. Near the end of the test, slip the note cards back into your sleeve.

Note-Belt Cheat

  1. Make sure you have a belt, and cut out a piece of paper slightly shorter than the belt is tall/wide, and about 6-10 inches long.
  2. Write out all of your notes on this piece of paper (one side only), then attach it to the inside of your belt.
  3. Come test-day, make sure you have this belt on you, and that it is relatively loose.
  4. When you want to read the notes, simply suck in your gut, and read from the inside of your belt. This may work better if you tuck in your shirt beforehand, so that it does not seem odd that you are lifting up your shirt.

Water Bottle Cheat

  1. Get a water bottle and very carefully remove the label/wrapper that wraps around the middle of the bottle.
  2. If it is thick enough, write your cheat-sheet/notes on the back of the label (the white part that sticks to the bottle) or attach the label to a sheet of thin paper with a glue stick or tape.
  3. Re-attach the label to the bottle.
  4. Look through the bottle at just the right angle, and you will be able to read your notes through the clear water within.

Trash Can Cheat

This can be fairly hard to execute convincingly.

  1. Type (so your teacher cannot recognize your handwriting if caught) some notes in a large font on a sheet of paper.
  2. Attach some tape to the back of the paper and act like you’re throwing it away but really stick it to one side of the inside of the trash can.
  3. Act like you’re going to throw away something (or spit out gum, sharpen pencil, whatever) at some time during the test, and look at your garbage can notes while you’re there.
  4. Rip off the sheet and throw it away when the test is over.

Sign Language Cheat

Only works with multiple choice exams, and requires a friend and some planning.

  1. Get your friend’s attention in a predetermined way (e.g.: coughing, whistling, knocking, stretching, etc.).
  2. Tell them the number of the question you are stuck on by using your fingers on one hand, e.g. “one” by sticking out your index finger, immediately followed by “two” by sticking out your index and middle finger together would mean question #12. You can do numbers greater than 4 by using your thumb to denote a plus sign. For example, index-middle + index-middle-ring + thumb + index-middle-ring-pinky = question #27.) In response, your friend can give you the answer to the question by showing you his thumb (A), index (B), middle (C), ring (D), or pinky (E) finger, or by placing their pencil in a predetermined position for each answer.
  3. If you’re worried that the sign language could result in some miscommunication, try asking the friend beforehand to alert you (via a subtle noise like a foot tap) each time they finish a question so that you don’t have to worry about which question they’re answering. If the friend is far away, tell them to sound out the answer to each question as well because you probably won’t be able to tell him/her which questions you need the answers to. However, this works up close as well since you can just follow the friend along with his/her test without really having to worry about looking up. However, this only works on multiple choice tests unless you develop some kind of numerical tapping/sign system. Also, if the friend is loud enough, multiple people can benefit from his/her answers. The only problem with this is that it can be rather conspicuous and your friend will go down with you if you get caught, or worse, only the friend will get caught unless he/she tells on you.

Musical Cheat

Only works for Band, Orchestra, and possibly Gym, in rare cases. This is not for those with sensitive hands. Do not use this cheat unless you are desperate.

  1. Rub, scratch, or bang your hand to get it red, but don’t hurt yourself.
  2. When it looks red and irritated, go to the nurse’s office (works best with gullible nurses) and (convincingly) say you just slammed your hand in your locker. Look upset and pained. They will most likely give you ice (which will make your hand even more red).
  3. Go to your Orchestra or Band teacher and explain to them how you slammed your hand in a locker and are now in serious pain.
  4. Unless they are totally evil, they won’t make you play your cello, oboe, French horn, or viola.
  5. Kick back, relax, and watch the rest of the class suffer as they play Symphony Number Nine.
  6. You can do this for Gym too, but Gym teachers usually are a little stricter about injuries and more likely to force you to participate anyway.
  7. You could drop out of band.

Body Parts Cheat

  1. Get a pen (red works best as it blends best with skin tone) and write little notes on any area of skin on your body.
    • The ankles are good if you wear jeans and can cross your legs.
    • The wrists are good if you can write on your veins with blue pen.
    • On the inside of your thighs you can write formulas if you wear shorts.
    • One of the best places to put notes are on your hands, for several reasons: *1) You will be using them during the whole test, *2) It is easy to hide with another hand or a shirt sleeve. Write short notes on the lines and wrinkles of your palm, the sides of the fingers, or the little piece of skin between your fingers.

Calculator Legs Cheat

  1. Practice beforehand so you know where all the buttons are on your calculator
  2. In your math test, put your calculator in between your legs and whenever you need to use it, type in the sum and pretend you are rotating your neck so you can glance at your calculator to see the answer.

Sleeve Note Cheat

  1. Get a small piece of paper and write all your notes up beforehand.
  2. Slip it into your sleeve on the day of the test, and when you need it just pull a small portion of it out, look at it under the desk, put it back into your sleeve and keep writing.

The Hoodie Cheat

This works best in long tests where you can leave 15-30 minutes or so between checking notes for safety.

  1. Tape a piece of paper with your note on it inside a baggy hoodie.
  2. Pull off your hoodie during the test, and as you do so look at the note taped on the inside. Put it back on later to hide your answers again.

Older Student

Memorize the answers to a test from an older version of the test given or sold to you by an older student. This is almost infallible, and will also help you learn if you do the test yourself beforehand.

In-Desk Cheat

Only works if you are not in total view of the teacher.

  1. Have your notebook with all your math questions and/or answers on it and just shove it in your desk
  2. Take it out and act like you are using it for paper to do the equation on.

Pencil-to-Desk Cheat

  1. Get to class a few minutes early, then pull out your study guide/notes that you will need on the test.
  2. Place them on the desk and pretend to write marginal notes on the papers, but really copy some short, abbreviated notes onto the desk. Try to write really fast.
  3. When your teacher starts passing out tests, put your notes away and use what you have written on your desk. This trick is effective for short, hard to memorize notes because you can easily cover up the lead writing with your forearm and erase it afterward.

Locker Cheat

  1. Do not take your notes with you to the test. Instead, leave them in your locker.
  2. Go over the test and do all of the questions you know. Make a mental note of the ones you don’t know the answers to.
  3. Ask to go to the bathroom.
  4. If you are allowed to go, go to your locker, and use your notes to get the answers you need.
  5. Return ASAP, before you forget them! This works best if your locker is relatively close to where the test is taking place. It’s extremely important that you be very quick while you’re doing this. Also, this method will not work for tests where someone has to escort you to the bathroom, or if you really do need to use the restroom.

Wristband Cheat

  1. Write some study notes on a small piece of paper and slip it under a wristband.
  2. When the teacher isn’t looking, slide it out and take a peek.
    • This can be done in several different ways:
  • You can put your head down on your desk as if you are thinking, and look.
  • You can even ask to go to the washroom and look at them there.

Make sure that the paper is not sticking out!

Tissue Cheat

  1. Write the information needed onto a tissue.
  2. Put the tissue into a tissue box in the classroom (this works best with a tissue box in the back of the classroom) before the test starts.
  3. At some point during the test, go to the box and pull out the tissue.
  4. Face away from the class and pretend to blow your nose, when you’re actually looking at the answers.

An easier way is to have your own tissue in your pocket. It’s less complicated and more likely for you to not get caught.

    • If there are many people who actually use tissue during class, alternatively, you can have the tissue in your pocket, and then blow your nose in the back of the room. Dispose of the tissue in the trash.

Headache Cheat

  1. Write your information onto your hand.
  2. Pretend you’re under traumatic stress during the test by rubbing your eyes or head as if you have a headache.
  3. Look at the answers on your hand while you rub your head and/or eyes. It’s almost foolproof, since all you’re doing are the natural reactions of one under stress. This will not work with teachers who check hands before the test starts.


Take advantage of the allowance of scrap-paper by pre-making your own. Write the notes, formula, equations, symbolic functions, etc. so that you can just look at them when you are taking the test. Make sure that you are still lightly tracing your pre-wrote notes during the test so your teacher won’t be suspicious.

The Dictionary Cheat

For tests that allow dictionary use.

  1. Scribble formulas, information, charts, etc., in a dictionary and remember the page numbers.
  2. Bring your dictionary to the test. The teachers won’t flip every single pages of your dictionary, so the chances of you getting caught are slim.

The Cover Sheet Cheat

  1. Put two pieces of paper on top of each other.
  2. Write your notes on the top page, being sure you press hard. Upon the removal of the top sheet imprints of your notes will be visible on the underlying sheet.
  3. Use the sheet with imprints to cheat on the test.

The Mechanical Pencil Trick

  1. Get an opaque mechanical pencil which takes in about 0.7 lead or thicker. Write all your notes on a single piece of paper and roll it up. Pop out the eraser from the pencil and slide your notes in. So whenever you need to look at some notes, pretend that you’re changing the lead and sneak a peak at the notes. This works well because a teacher isn’t going to look inside your pencil for cheat notes…
    • Clear Binder: If you have a test where you can have a binder present, use a clear one. Slip the answers under the bind (the clear part), then press hard down on the binder.
    • Male or female: this will work. Write your test answers on the patch of your skin that lies under the elastic band of your boxers, tighty-whities, bathing suit, or whatever you desire to wear under your pants. If a teacher asks you to lower the elastic band and reveal the answers, an obvious retort would be: “Are you serious?!?! I’m pretty sure that what you just asked me to do is illegal for a teacher to ask. It’s very personal, by the way.” Look shocked or else they will be very suspicious.
    • The Watch Cheat: This works best with the watches with a metal band that folds into three pieces and clips together. Take your watch off, and on the inside of the clasp (the parts you can’t see when it’s closed, but NOT the part against your wrist because it will wear off) you have room to write small notes/formula/whatever with a thin mechanical pencil. Just take your watch off and sit it on your desk, or play with it pretending to think. It can’t be seen while you have the watch on, and you can just wipe the notes off with your finger to destroy the evidence.
    • The Hidden Leg Style (most preferable for students who wear pants): This is really helpful for long essay tests. If you already know what the exam will be but don’t know how to answer a long essay, print or write the answer on a long or short bond paper. Before you go to your school or university, wrap the bond paper that you printed around your legs then tape it at both ends but be sure that you can twist the bond paper for you to read the other parts. When the test have started, make your legs to shape like a #4 with the cheating leg on the top then easily pull the part of your pants that covers the bond paper. When the teacher or professor goes around to check, just change the position of your legs or sit down normally and the part of the pants that hides the paper will automatically go down and cover the paper again.
    • The Invisible Ink: (suggested for people who know that they will be taking their exams in their own classroom): Using security ink that shows up under UV light, write your cheats on the wall before the exam starts (make sure that the wall that you’ll be writing on has a small column near it and is discreet, for example below desk level). When you get stuck, focus a UV torch on the invisible ink, and your answer is revealed. Your friends could also bring torches to view the same answers (but ensure you don’t tell anyone who is likely to snitch on you if they are caught).
    • In-Pen Trick: (works best if the teacher uses study carols or dividers to keep you from cheating off each other) You will need a pen with a see-through body so you are able to see the ink cartridge. Print a study guide or small cheat sheet in very small font, but not too small that the writing is illegible (size 6 or 7 is recommended). Next, dismantle the pen and tape the cheat sheet on the inside circumference of the pen’s body. Put the pen together again. You should be able to see the cheat sheet inside the pen, if you cannot, disassemble the pen and replace the paper until you can see it.
    • The Shoe Trick: (This works best if you have shoes you dislike or on Converse that you enjoy writing on.) First, you have to put everything you need to know on the sole or the side of your shoe (the side that if your crossing your legs, you can view) When you are taking the test, act like your crossing you legs (the way the men do it) and look at the side of your shoe. Then when a teacher is walking past, put your leg down.
    • Skirt Trick 1: (FOR GIRLS WITH SKIRTS) All you have to do is write what you need on your leg where it is covered by your skirt. Slide it up during the test. Teachers cannot ask a girl to lift her skirt up to reveal what you wrote.
    • Skirt Trick 2: (FOR GIRLS WITH SKIRTS) This works best with short skirts. Write the answers on a piece of paper or cloth and pin them to the inside of your skirt. Lift it up when nobody is watching, and you have your answers. Even if you are “caught” no teacher, especially a male one, is going to ask you to show your “answers”.

Scratch Paper Trick

If you’re taking a test that involves scratch paper, write down some notes on a notebook piece of paper and carefully slip it under the scratch sheet.(It helps if you hide the notebook paper under a coat or jacket.) Take the paper and pretend to write on it. Enjoy your cheating!

Small notes Trick

Good for medium-length memory quizzes. Write what you need to know very small on a small piece of paper and lay it in your lap during the quiz. Another bathroom one is to write all you know about the test, or all the answers on a piece of lined paper. Fold it up, and fasten tape on the back of it. Stick it underneath the toilet (lowest point you can), or on the wall behind it. Go to the restroom and review. Nobody should look under there. Don’t be dumb – don’t put your name on it. Try typing it up.

Another MP3 Method…

If you have an MP3/4 record some notes and instead of putting it in your ear put in your sleeve. Make sure the earphone can come out when you need it from your sleeve. When you need to listen to something make a bored-confused-like expression and put the hand whit the earphone at your ear and look at your test like you are revising it. This worked for several people.

Another MP3 method…

Ipods have an option where on the computer, you can go into the options and type in the lyrics for certain songs from your Itunes library. These lyrics can be accessed on the Ipod by listening to the song then clicking on the center button until they show up. It is easy so use these lyrics boxes to just type in whatever you need. This method works best if you have either a math or chemistry teacher who lets you use Ipods during tests, as these subjects have information that you can easily cheat, such as formulas and simple terms, unlike English or a foreign language.

The Tights Method

This works for both males and females. Before you get dressed in the morning, write in pen on your legs all the formulas/information/definitions/helpful stuff for your exam and make sure you wear clothes that cover your legs e.g. long trousers. This is particularly useful as many who take exams have to wear Uniforms, and girls who wear tights can wear completely opaque black tights. Go to the toilet during your exam and simply take down your trousers/tights and there are your answers for you to read. And no teachers can ask you to pull them down!

The Binder Method

Write your notes/formulas or whatever you need to know on a lined sheet of paper. Then put it into your binder so that it is the first sheet of paper, before everything else. Then when the test starts place it under you desk so that if you look down your binder is in view. Note: Make sure your binder is not upside down. Notice how your binder looks kind of whitish and if you look at it all you can see is a paper with some sort of writing on it. But you can’t read the writing (and neither can your teacher). Now simply step on your binder, and voila! You can see the answers. This method only works if you have a see through binder.

The Paper on the Hand method

Take a small piece of paper, a little smaller than your palm, and write your cheats on it. Tape it to the hand you DO NOT write with. During the test, simply but your hand up against your head and look or some other way. Make sure you don’t move your hand to much or, obviously, flip it over.

The Shoe Method

Take a little piece of paper and write down all the answers in it and go to the washroom or anywhere you can be alone. Place the paper inside your shoe then go back to class, take off your shoes and look down!

Invisible 2

Take a sheet of paper and lay it on a different sheet and press hard on the pencil and write the notes on the sheet. Then when you take the test take the sheet that was under the sheet that you wrote on out. Then shade the page and like magic the answers are there then when you are done (make sure you have a big eraser) erase the shaded pencil marks and take it with you when you leave the room. This way, no one will have any evidence you did this. Don’t throw it away- someone may find it in the trash, maybe the teacher. If the teacher comes by, flip the sheet over. Make sure you have some stuff on it and there you go.

Teachers Desk Method

Sometimes the teacher (especially when grading) will leave an answer sheet on his/her desk. To get a peak at it pretend you don’t know something, and go up there. Try to remember all that you can. You can repeat this but don’t over do it.

Day Before

Get a copy of the test the day before or in the morning before class. You can do this by staying after school to get “help” from the teacher. Usually teachers leave the room for any reason, grab a copy of the test and put it into your bag. Be careful, some teachers number their tests and know if it’s missing. You could make a copy then return it later. If your teacher won’t leave the room, tell him/her that someone is at the door for her and called her name, or have a friend call her phone. If your teacher is strict and is too suspicious, you could go to another teacher that teaches the same class. To get him out of the room say Mr/s. _____ wants to talk to you and can’t get hold of your phone for some reason. Once you have the test, go home and look it up on the Internet or in your notes or in text books. Put your answers on a separate piece of paper then try to memorize them or use one of the other methods. Be careful about grabbing the wrong test or homework. Usually the teacher will put the test into a drawer or on top of her desk, don’t be afraid to look around.

Nerd Cheat

If you have a friend that really smart and he/she trusts you and you trust him/her, ask for answers. If he/she is far, (and if you have the guts), sneak without the teacher looking. This method is the riskiest of them all. If you want to lessen trouble, use mouthing or something to communicate to your friend if they are far and easy to get seen. Also use other types of signals to contact them.

Big Eraser Cheat

Have one of those large erasers with you on the day of a test. (If you know the test is going to be the exact same as the study guide, use this method). Write the lettered answers on the eraser and you will have them when you take the test.

The Locket Cheat

Obtain a large locket necklace with a long chain, the larger the better, and write notes on small slips of paper and stick it in the locket. During the test, act like you’re fooling around with your necklace, and open it and see your notes.

Folder Cheat

Get two pocket folders and put them upright, like in second grade, to be kind of funny. If your teacher is strict, do not do – Just pretend to be silly with the folders and hide your cheat sheet or study guide in your desk. Pretend to look confused and put your head on the desk, look inside at the answers. Only attempt this if teacher stays in front of room.

White/Blackboard or Environment Cheat

If you have one of these teachers who have stuff written all over the board and it’s full of due dates, random stuff, and funny notes to the teacher from students, this is a bit risky but extremely helpful. Before class, preferably when the teacher is out of the room, write down some acronyms or stuff to help you remember answers to the test. If you are really daring you might just be able to conceal notes between lines or in corners. You can also do this by writing on the floor, the wall, behind a bookcase you’re near, etc. It also can be helpful if your teacher is blind, and won’t easily see the notes.

The Dictionary Again…

Write notes of the test or answers onto the dictionary with a pencil. This means you will be able to rub it out later. Memorize some of the writing test or try to answer some of the questions. Then, using a confused look, look at your dictionary and get the information you were looking for. Remember, use a personal dictionary, not one provided for you.

The Calculator Notes Cheat

This only works for tests in which you know you will need (and are allowed) to use a calculator. It also only works when your calculator comes with a nice little plastic “case” (which is actually not a case at all, but a piece of plastic that only protects one side of the calculator, but you get the point). Anyway, sometime before you actually take the test (the night before, for example, when you could be studying) write some notes on one or two scraps of paper (that’s the professionally recommended dosage), focusing on answers, formulas, definitions, et cetera, that you know you have to know but obviously don’t know because you’re having to cheat. Place the notes in the so-called case and simply attach the calculator in its place, and voila, the notes are concealed. When you need them on the test, simply remove the calculator, look at the notes and pretend to be using the calculator (and probably you will be, on a test involving formulas and such); be aware of how often you remove and replace the calculator into its case. If the teacher is there, he or she might notice the persistent snapping of the calculator. To get by this, you can always sneak the notes onto your desk, or on your chair, in between your legs, but once you do this, there really isn’t any turning back.

Another Hoodie Cheat

Well, hopefully the weather is moderate enough wherever you live so that it’s reasonable to wear a hoodie. If your hoodie has a pocket in front (the kind in which you can put your hands through) then it’s pretty easy to put notes in there. Sit behind someone (a recommendation, as always) so your chances of being seen are considerably minimized. Make the notes something like small flashcards, something that doesn’t get folded up easily or makes a noise whenever you search for them. And try not to take so long; teachers likely notice who finishes last and especially if the student does surprisingly well given that it took them so long to complete it (for the excuse “I was being careful and taking my time” can only work so much). They’re bound to get suspicious.

The “Little Notes” Cheat

What you do is you take the smallest papers possible, and write the notes on them. Then crumple them up and stick them under your leg or put your hand flat down over them when asked to clear your desk. When the test begins, you pull them out and slide them under your paper and only have one answer showing at a time!


Clip your nails from left to right at different heights. If your nails are short you may only be able to do true or false. If your nails are long, create a scheme for multiple choice questions, e.g.: 1/4 cut is A. you may be able to pull off more then one answer per nail if you’re good at nail clipping. This only works in those times when you manage to get your hands on the answer sheet.

Nail Polish

(works for girls) If you somehow have the answers to a multiple choice or true false, paint your nails all one color. Then do polka dots or stripes or another pattern once you come up with a color coder. Just make sure to remember which colors stand for which letter!

Hair Plucking method

(For very hairy people) This one cannot be used too often and is rarely ever useful. Use tweezers to pluck patterns on your arm or hand. When you’re taking the test, look for the pores that are missing hairs, this may stand for what ever you want it to stand for. Pluck your hair close to the time when you take the test (under 2 days), otherwise you may find your hair re-growing. This only works if you manage to get the answer sheet or equivalent. It may be better to just use some subtle body paint…

The Ski Pass

If you have a winter jacket with one of those clear faced pockets for a ski pass place your notes in there make sure it can be covered up or hidden and if it cant place it on your chair, so when you sit down the clear part is between your legs. When you need to look at your notes, just spread your legs. Also avoid Velcro, as will arouse suspicion.

Bracelet Method

If you manage to get your hands on an answer sheet before the test, make yourself a bracelet with different colors of string. It’ll look like one of those knotted friendship bracelets, but match each color to a letter and you’ll be all set. For example if A: Green, B: Yellow, and C: Pink if the answers were B, C, A, A, B then it would go yellow, pink, green, green, yellow.

Bookmark Cheat

If a teacher asks you to bring a book for when you are done the test, bring a bookmark with notes on it. Some bookmarks have, say.. multiplication 1- 12 on them. And make sure to hide the bookmark all the way in the book. If you’re done you can throw it away if not needed to get rid of evidence or erase the marks.

Black Light Method

Get one of those black light pens that only show up under a black light and come with one attached. The day before the test, write some things that will probably be on the test on your desk. The next day, wear a hoodie and hide the pen in your sleeve. When no-one is looking, shine it on the area where you wrote before. Ta-da!

Correction Tape Method

Write your notes on correction tape, then roll it back into the dispenser. When you need the notes, simply act as if you’re correcting mistakes and read the notes!

Another Calculator Method

If you have a graphing calculator that you’re allowed to use, type notes into it. Put it in your pocket. Borrow another calculator from someone the day of the test. When the proctor comes around to clear them, let them clear your friend’s calculator. When the proctor isn’t looking, switch the calculators!

Locker Combination Method

This method was not mentioned above, and it will most likely only work on a math test. You will need something to write with and on. Group your answers and on the paper, write Lock #1 (the # represents the set of 3 problems you want answers for, so if you wanted answers for problems 4 to 6 on your test, you would write Lock #2,and so on) and write 3 test answers, and separate them with commas. For example, if my first set of answers were 135, 23, and 56, I would write something like Lock #1- 135,23, 56, so if someone looks through my bag or if someone looks at me while I am looking at my answers, they will only think that’s a lock combination of mine at school, or wherever; when its really answers to my first 3 problems on my exam that my teachers going to give back to me tomorrow! If anyone asks about the big numbers, just say you accidentally misplaced a comma. Be sure to have your answers memorized before the test.

Lastly, this will only work if you are given the same exact test in 2 or more sessions. And don’t forget to write down the questions you need on a scrap of paper or on your hand (if someone questions, just say it’s your after school plans, or locker combo like before). Hand is better because the teacher may question the torn paper off the test. If you have to tear paper off the test, just say it was given to you like that

Clear Pencil Case and Index Card Method

Buy a clear pencil case and 5×8 index cards. Write on the index cards and stick them in the pencil case. During the test, just turn the pencil case over without looking when the teacher comes around.

The Girls Only Method

  1. Takes a bit of planning and is a bit gross, but if you’re desperate, you’re desperate. Ask to get out of an exam to go to the toilet. If they say no then say subtly to a woman invigilator you need to change your pad (make sure you’re not on your period that day, that’s a bit gross). Earlier on, you will have written down notes on a sanitary pad, and put this one on. If you need more notes then write them on a new pad and wrap it back up. When in the bathroom (if it’s a real exam the invigilator will probably escort you) look at the pad you have on and quickly memorize it. Then change it, put it in the bin, and replace it with the pad that has more notes. Memorize them quickly and then come out of the toilet as if nothing is wrong. Go back to the exam and scribble down the answers.
  2. Hide the answers in your bra. During the test, fiddle with your shirt and look down to see the answers or notes. No teacher will dare call you out!

Eye-Glasses Method

  1. If you have glasses take a bit of paper write your note’s on them fold it up and put it in the hinge. When you need them take of your glasses and take the paper, and unfold it – If the teacher ask what your doing say your hinge has a gap and is ‘Un-even’ and your just adjusting the paper.
  2. Then when done fold it back up put it back and continue.
  3. Throw away the paper later.

Paper on back of Desk Method

Write a cheat sheet and stick it onto the back of the desk in front of you! If your teacher comes by, slide the test up towards the front of your desk, so the cheat sheet is concealed.”

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