15 Signs That He Is Cheating On You

15 Signs That He Is Cheating On You on Facebook
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1. If he starts finding reasons and/or excuses for why the two of you can’t see each other, hang out, or mingle like you used to.

Suddenly, he’ll start hanging out with the “boys” and/or suddenly start putting a bunch of energy into things he previously didn’t. Men are not ready to deal with the guilt of cheating head on, therefore they have to engage with other people and in new/old places as a way to escape their guilt, even if the relief is only a temporary solution. If he gives you excuses like, “I’ve got to work late,” “My boys are in town and I just wanted to hang with them for a while,” “I just want to stay home tonight” etc, then something might be up. If this sudden distance or avoidance starts to become a pattern then something is FOR SURE up!

2. If he starts paying closer attention to his physical appearance.

Go check to see if there is an increase in colognes, aftershaves, scented deodorant, and/or new clothing in his closet. If you notice your man dressing up more than normal – suddenly focused on smelling good and/or buying new clothes – he might be cheating. Remember, he has already impressed you. That’s why he stopped cutting his hair, stopped dressing to impress, and stopped faking the funk with all sorts of colognes. Men stop doing this because they’re under the impression that they’ve already won you over. That’s why it’s important to be suspicious any time your man starts to pick up these same habits (like when you first met him) since it might symbolize him trying to impress another woman (other than you) all over again.

3. If he starts talking about OR hiding new “friends” that he has never mentioned before.

You might notice new and/or unsaved numbers that keep reappearing in his phone. Or you might notice the same woman (or women) keep sending him messages on a website. If you pretty much know all of his friends, male and female but yet you keep noticing that he conveniently forgot to mention that “new” friend that you had to find out about on your own, there’s a big chance that you didn’t know about her OR that you keep hearing about her because of the guilt and bad intentions behind the friendship. Men don’t typically befriend women when they’re in committed relationships unless the woman was already his friend before the relationship. Whenever a man suddenly starts “recruiting” new female friends, there’s always a reason behind it.

4. If you notice that while looking through your man’s phone, he’s suddenly starting to have an empty inbox AND outbox, there’s a possibility it’s empty because he is hiding something from you.

If you’re the type that will by any means go through his cellphone, look to see if his inbox and/or outbox is completely empty. Then scroll down to see if it seems his call log list is a little bare and/or empty. Figure out why there seems to be no record of his texts/calls to anyone and/or from anyone. He starts deleting all of his text messages and/or call logs before you even get the chance to snoop.  Be especially cautious of the men who normally would NOT erase things in their phone. Any time your man’s phone seems to be completely clear of any contact from others, it’s because he felt deleting everybody’s texts/calls would stop you from pinpointing out the ONE OR TWO calls/texts he’s really worried about you seeing.

5. He randomly starts to get more freaky in the bedroom.

If you noticed that during the last couple of sexcapades with your man that he suddenly wanted to try new positions and seemed to have more energy than normal, there’s a chance that he might have gotten this new-found energy from another woman. Many men seek out AND keep the women (on the side) that fulfill their sexual desires and needs the most. So don’t be surprised if he tries the same new moves on you that he learned or started with the woman he might be cheating on you with.

6. He’s starting to have a wandering eye.

When you’re out with your man and notice that he stares a little too long at the pretty women walking by, understand that he’s not looking too hard to purposely disrespect you. No, he’s looking a little too hard because he has either thought about cheating on you OR already is, thus he unconsciously looks as if he were a single man all over again. When men are about to cheat and/or are already cheating, their sense to “look” becomes even more activated and more noticeable. And especially be wary of this if your man never seemed to have a wandering eye.

7. If he suddenly becomes moody or snappy, ask him what his problem is and listen for his excuse to detect rather his reasons are justifiable and/or sincere or not.

Figure out where his new-found moodiness or random increase in affection is coming from. He starts to take things from 1 extreme to the other. He’s either too affectionate with you suddenly, or he completely stops being affectionate all together. He may start to become extremely sweeter than normal, saying more “I love you’s” than normal and might be craving the need for sexual activity much more. Men know that most women only assume they are being cheated on if the affection and flowers stop, thus they assume that over-compensating and over-doing the affection will block out any form of suspicion in your mind that they are cheating. On the other hand, he might become completely the opposite: acting like he doesn’t want to cuddle, touch you or be as affectionate as normal. It’s common for most of men to use all of their energy on one woman, thus leaving less energy for the other woman (you).

8. He starts wondering where you are and who you’re around all the time.

This common technique is called, “placing.” It’s when a man’s own guilty conscious suddenly takes an interest in where you are and/or what you’re doing as a means to make sure that you are not aware of where HE is and/or what he’s doing or just did. Of course, some men might already be possessive and/or controlling, but usually men who are about to cheat or who already ARE cheating will hike up their possessive side times 10 in these situations. They may call you randomly just to say “Hey, honey where are you?” or may suddenly be too interested in exactly who you are hanging with and at exactly what time you will be home. A lot of men who have not yet justified their cheating actions or cheating mind to possibly do so, will suddenly become more interested in your whereabouts. He might want to know where you are and who you’re with so that he won’t have to be nervous or assume that you suspect anything or have located HIS whereabouts, when it comes to where HE really is and isn’t supposed to be. He might also be interested in who you’re conversing with or hanging around because of a man’s fear that you might have access to the other woman.

9. He’s getting to be more irritable and/or moody and/or snappy at you when he normally wouldn’t be.

Many men justify cheating, but then again can’t seem to process the justification, thus this non-processing turns into guilt. Men who are dealing with the guilt of cheating and/ or the fear their secret will be found out, naturally can’t help but to be a little bit more irritable and/or moody. And sometimes men will try to start arguments just to get you riled up, thus they are trying to give themselves a reason for why they were justified in cheating on you. Men who don’t even know why they cheat might try to get their girlfriends riled up or extremely angry in order for them to make themselves feel better and justified that your anger towards them is the reason why they cheat (even if they were the one to start the fight).

10. You physically see the signs: lipstick on the collar, dried up liquid inside of his boxers or briefs, perfume on/in his clothes and/or body, hickeys or scratches on his body, etc.

Usually the physical signs do not lie to you. No he didn’t get the scratches from playing basketball. And no, he doesn’t smell like perfume because he hugged his mother or sister for too long. He’s cheating!

11. You notice him taking showers a lot more often.

Men know that physical signs may show up on their bodies (step 10 above) after they’ve cheated and in order to feel 2 steps ahead of you, they might attempt to wash off all the evidence before you even get to them. If your man normally takes 1 shower a day, be highly suspicious if he ups that amount to 2-3 showers a day. Be especially aware if he seems to rush into the shower right when he gets home and/or during the days that he didn’t engage in any activity that would make the average person quickly need a shower.

12. He keeps his phone on vibrate or completely turns it off either at night and/or when he’s around you.

Most men now-days have ringtones on their cellphones, so it’s highly unusual to be around your man and never hear his phone ringing. Men wouldn’t download ringtones if they never intend on hearing them when they get texts/calls. If your man’s phone seems to suddenly be dead at night, but yet you notice that he’s not worried about getting it charged, it’s probably because it’s his best way to avoid any calls in the middle of the night from the other woman. In a man’s mind, if a woman doesn’t hear their cell phones ring at all, they will have NO reason to even suspect or snoop. If his phone seems to conveniently be dead only when he’s around you, he’s probably cheating. If he always turns his phone off or on vibrate when he’s around you, it’s because he doesn’t want to take the chance of receiving phone calls from the other woman, and also having to explain/hide the calls.

13. You start to hear rumors or see other women eye-ing you strangely.

Yes, while it’s true that most rumors are not true, always remember that keeping your enemies the closest is the best policy. Some of the women mean-mugging and/or eye-ing you actually have a reason to do so and/or might know something that you don’t. Don’t ever assume that the other woman doesn’t know about you; you’d be surprised. Understand that the “other woman” often shows signs that she is cheating with your man too. If you notice that you keep getting dirty looks and/or blank unexplained looks from a woman (especially if she’s never appeared this way to you before), it’s probably because SHE might be the one whom your man is cheating on you with, she might know who your man is cheating on you with or might have heard all the rumors about your man cheating. Understand that the whole world isn’t against your man. If you start to notice that tons of people are always trying to “warn you” don’t trick yourself into believing that ALL of those people surround their lives around your man and/or are out to get him. Even if 9 out of 10 are lying or just simply starting drama out of jealousy, there is always at least one (1) person who was actually being honest and sincere.

14. You notice that he’s making more trips to the bank.

You might start finding receipts that show he’s been places that committed men don’t normally go or to places he doesn’t normally go to without you(for example, hotels, restaurants,cars etc.), there’s a chance that he might suddenly need more cash because he’s found someone besides you to try to impress and spend his cash on.

15. The BEST sign of all. If your gut is telling you that he is cheating, HE IS CHEATING!

Instincts aren’t a curse and something you created yourself. Instincts and intuition are gifts from God. If your gut is telling you that he is cheating, he probably is. And if you show a man that you don’t listen to your instincts, you are giving him even further the green light to cheat because he knows that even if he becomes careless in trying to cover it up, you won’t believe that he’d do something so scandalous.

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