21 Years Every Day 7500 images

21-Years: Ian McLeod, Dad, Makes Time Lapse Video from Son’s Portraits Taken Every Day
A tiny baby Cory from the first day he entered the world at Harrogate General Hospital in Yorkshire, Englan, until he is a young man of 21 age, through all his life. The father, Ian McCleod took of his son, Cory, essentially every day of his 21 years. He compiled the more than 7,500 images into a six-minute time-lapse sequence.

Cory McLeod admits he didn’t always love it when his dad tracked him down for their daily snap. It was only when I got to 16 or 17 that he started to appreciate it and realized what it could be. Even though he’s now away from home studying at Leeds Metropolitan University, he says he plans on continuing to collaborate with his dad. Although a few days are missing here and there (Ian McLeod slots in a sketch instead of inserting a photo from the wrong day to maintain the integrity of the concept) and a month was lost when the camera wouldn’t wind, the chronicle is remarkably complete.


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