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11 Tricks Restaurants Make You Pay More

Monday, December 12th, 2011

11 Tricks Restaurants Make You Pay More:

1. No $ sign trick: Price does not have the dollar sign (use 17 instead of $17)
2. Price Not Noticeable trick: Price is listed at the very end of the long description rather at the right justified location.
3. Word adjective trick: Use adjective such as tasty, tender, organic, delicious. (to make you mouth watering first)
4. Description trick: List the recipe for each dish making each ingredient sound ultra-special.
5. High low price trick: Use price contrast: a very high priced item followed by a moderate one. (If all high price you may leave).
6. Special price not written trick: Prices for today’s Specials are not written down. (are you embarrassed to ask?)
7. Small portion trick: Lower price item may be smaller portion
8. Top of the list trick: Profitable item is the first in the section. Unprofitable dishes are usually banished to a corner that’s less noticeable.
9. Box it trick: If you draw a line around the profitable one, people will order.
10. Photos trick: Good photos also sell dishes.
11. Shy trick: Don’t feel obliged to order recommendations made by waiting staff

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Two-faced cat Frank and Louie

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Two-faced cat Frank and Louie or should we say cats.
His name is Frank and Louie, and he’s just entered the record books. He’s now the longest-living cat with two faces, also known as a Janus cat. Frank and Louie is a cat who was born with two faces and has earned a spot as the longest lived Janus cat in the new edition of the Guinness World Records. Janus cats, named after the Roman god with two faces, are extremely rare and seldom live more than a few days after being born. Often they die within hours. But Frank and Louie flourished. He turned 12 years old on September 8, 2011.

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New Evidence Suggests God Also Had Incredibly Busty Daughter

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

New Evidence Suggests God Also Had Incredibly Busty Daughter.
excerpt from the,18133

ARABAH VALLEY, ISRAEL—In a discovery that biblical scholars say could alter our most fundamental understanding of Christianity, recently unearthed manuscripts suggest that in addition to His Son, Jesus Christ, God also had a daughter with absolutely humongous breasts.
The documents, found in a cave near the Jordanian- Israeli border and estimated to have been composed circa A.D. 200, recount the life, teachings, and death of Jesus’ well-endowed twin sister, Tammi of Nazareth. According to experts, the revelation points to a more dualistic conception of the divine, one with the male principle embodied in Jesus and the female principle represented by Tammi and her giant, heaving bazoingas.

“It’s a monumental shift,” said Boston College religion professor Paul Ferber, claiming that the newly discovered texts are more significant than the Gospel of Judas or the Dead Sea Scrolls. “Tammi has single-handedly undercut the male hegemony we’ve come to associate with the Christian faith, and added an important new dimension to the holy scripture.”

“Also, the various sources are in clear agreement that Tammi had the most enormous jugs in all of Galilee,” added Ferber, gesturing with his hands.”Seriously. Like, out to here.”

The existence of Tammi has caused scholars to reexamine the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and replace it with a Quadrinity that includes the Daughter figure—though some, including Ferber, argue it should actually be reconstrued as “a five-way Quintinity, counting as two separate divine powers both of Tammi’s bodacious watermelons.”

According to the manuscripts, written in Greek on papyrus scrolls, Tammi led a ministry contemporaneously with her brother’s. Although she promulgated similar ideas concerning faith, humility, and forgiveness, and appeared to possess the same miraculous powers, Tammi seems to have had more difficulty communicating her message. In one passage, for example, her disciples repeatedly coax her into washing their feet, apparently for a better vantage point from which to observe her “heavenly radiance.” And while she, like Jesus, walks on water, the feat is described as almost disappointing to many onlookers, who had apparently hoped to see her run.

Professor Ned McCormick of Duke Divinity School said a complete understanding of Tammi’s teachings will require decades of research, with particularly close scrutiny given to the dozens of detailed illustrations.

Explaining the difficulty of interpreting the texts, McCormick cited a passage that reads: “Saith Tammi, ‘Consider ye this on the forgiveness of one’s enemies: Let he who would slander you sup at your table, let he who would inflict…I saith unto thee: Look upon mine eyes, which dwell within mine head, and not upon mine bosom, wherein no wisdom dwells.’ And then did Tammi snappeth her fingers together, saying, ‘Seriously; I doth mean it. Up here.'” ….

Amazing 3D Tattoo

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

You must see this absolutely amazing 3D Tattoo: HERE