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China’s Got Talent winner Wei Liu has no arms. This is a very touching story. He plays the piano quite well, despite not having arms.

The first series of China’s Got Talent, also known as Head & Shoulders China’s Got Talent for sponsor reasons, premiered on DragonTV on July 25, 2010. The premiere ratings drew 400 million viewers. Dongfang Daily reported that with an 8 percent audience share in Shanghai while in 26 other provinces got a 1.37 percent share. The second episode increased 100 million viewers from the premiere which makes it 500 million viewers who watched. This makes China’s Got Talent the most viewers in the Got Talent franchise history.


The auditions for the first series of China’s Got Talent were pre-selected by the producers of the show from preliminary auditions. The auditions were held in Shanghai Concert Hall from July 25th to September 5th. In China’s verision of Got Talent franchise, judges pressing ‘X’ does not always mean that they do not like the contestant’s performance. It is a way to stop the performance as judges has heard enough and are satisfied.

The semifinals began on September 12, 2010.

A media jury are involved. After jury’s vote are all counted, each of three judges has a chance of giving 10 votes to one contestant. Contestant who gets most votes advance to the final. Another final contestant will be decided between 2nd and 3rd place by judge’s choice.

Two most popular contestants eliminated in semifinals can advance via online ballots after all 3 semifinals are broadcasted.

Therefore the final chart will be filled with two winners from each semifinal and two popular contestants.

Popular Vote

Voting starts on September 27 and ends on October 3. Among 18 contestants eliminated in Semifinals, two can advance to the Final via popular votes.


Final was broadcast on 10 October and Liu Wei was the winner. Also a finale concert including Britain’s Got Talent’s contestants: Paul Potts , Escala , Diversity , and Signature and America’s Got Talent contestant Recycled Percussion .

Final standing was decided by SMS votes started from 4 Oct and ended with the live broadcast. However, details about total votes or percentages have not been released yet.

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