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Snake Swallows Human Man

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

A more detailed account of what is supposedly happening in these photographs comes to us via the Weekly World News, a tabloid newspaper renowned for such earth-shattering scoops as “Ape Gives Birth to Human Baby” and “JFK Was Shot to Prevent Him From Revealing Truth About UFOs.” According to an article in the March 28, 2001 issue, the victim was actually Pakistani tourist Amjar Bukhari, who was swallowed by a boa constrictor and spent “12 to 15 horrifying minutes trapped in the serpent’s belly before workers at Nairobi National Park [Kenya] sliced open the enormous snake and rescued him.”

“We sliced open the snake’s belly and a pair of human legs tumbled out,” one of the rescuers is quoted as saying. “At first we thought the man was dead — then I saw his foot twitch and we quickly hauled him out.” The story says Bukhari survived, believe it or not, with a couple of fractured ribs and “minor burns from the snake’s stomach acid.”

See the pictures: HERE