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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Here are our facts/things that support facebook pages. Feel free to read all our articles because I guarantee that you will learn lots!

(Ordered by Popularity)
21 Years Every Day 7500 images (One image per day every day for 21 years)
’1 to 100 years old′ (5050 years in 150 seconds)
This man took a picture of him face EVERYDAY for 6 YEARS!, 12 years age, 4514 photos
This GIRL took a picture of her face EVERYDAY for 3 YEARS!
Best of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 Videos!
This BABY took a picture of her face EVERY DAY for 5 YEARS!
5 CRAZY things that ALL GIRLS do on Facebook
10 FACTS You Didn’t Know About HOOKAH
10 FACTS you didn’t know about SMOKING WEED
10 FACTS you didn’t know about HITLER
The REAL Reason Why Girls REJECT Guys
2 guys took a picture of themselves EVERYDAY for 8 YEARS!
This person took a video of a TOMATO for 2 months!
This Cute Girl in Bikini PEELS a BANANA with her FEET
How to CHARGE your cell phone WITHOUT a charger!
Top 10 HOTTEST Women of ALL TIME
Researchers create a face that women CANNOT RESIST!
20 Stupidest Things To Say To A Cop
10 Reasons why guys CHEAT on their Girlfriend(s)
Anaconda Snake swallows an entire man… LOOK at this!
5 FACTS you didn’t know about OSAMA BIN LADEN
Top 10 Racial Stereotypes
LOOK at this SICK 3D tattoo… this guy’s a BOSS!
The ONE Simple Solution To STOP Global Warming
Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich SOLD on eBay
I’m NEVER texting again after I found this out…
10 Ways To Tell You’re In Deadly Trouble In A Video Game
First 4 LEGGED human baby! LOOK!
8 “Health” foods that actually make you FAT
I HATE MLM! (Multi-level Marketing)
111 Ways to CHEAT on a TEST
PROVEN: 4 Reasons that God EXISTS
WTF! This woman STOMPS on her BABY!?! HELP the baby!
20 SCAM-FREE Ways To Make FAST MONEY Online
The UGLY TRUTH behind Mickey Mouse!
15 Signs That He Is Cheating On You
BREAKING NEWS – Scientists Create LIFE from NOTHING
This guy took a picture of his face EVERYDAY for 8 YEARS!
What houses will look like in 2100!
The CRAZIEST Female Wedgie EVER!
YOUNG GIRL took a photo of her face EVERYDAY for 2 YEARS!
This guy took a picture of his face everyday for 17 YEARS!
WOW! Justin Bieber really just pierced his RIGHT ear only?
WHAT? Justin Bieber just got a GIRLFRIEND?
The man who painted his face EVERY DAY for 365 DAYS!
Indian Male Pole Dancing
Chinas Got Talent Final Winner
Female Android Robot Singing and Dancing