The ONE Simple Solution To Stop Global Warming

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1. If everyone paints their roof tops white, we could alter the course of Global Warming. If you have a house, paint your roof white. If you live in an apartment, send the owner this link and tell him/her to paint the entire apartment complex white. If you live anywhere, make sure your roof gets white.

Why should you do this? Why is this important? Why is this effective? How is this more effective than the solar plans, wind plans, etc?

Here’s your simple and short answer: White, or other light colors, does two (2) things – it conserves energy and reflects the Ultra Violet (UV) rays back into space.

Here’s a more in-depth answer. If you’re a kid in school, and you want to impress your science teacher – read this and explain it to him/her.

Firstly, these light colors will reduce the amount of air conditioning a building will need. In fact, statistics show it could save up to 15% electricity.

Secondly, because the sun’s light is mostly reflected – there is no greenhouse gases effect. When the sun’s rays are reflected off of a white or light-colored surface, much of that light will pass through the atmosphere and go back into space – unlike the radiation that is happening today.

To go a step further, we can paint all cars and other vehicles white/light colored. This would again reduce air conditioning in cars and save more energy. The point of all this painting is just to conserve energy and prevent the greenhouse effect.

Converting roofs and cars to white would be more than equivalent to the loss of the ice caps in the poles. Even if we lose those glaciers that are reflecting so much light, we could make up for it with our roofs.

The President of the United States, Barrack Obama, has not decided to put this into full scale action yet, but who knows if he might – be on top of the game!

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