The REAL Reason Why Girls REJECT Guys

The REAL reason why girls REJECT guys on Facebook
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She doesn’t find the guy attractive in enough ways.

If she doesn’t find the guy physically attractive it’s probably a NO unless the guy has a lot of other great qualities such as intelligence or humor. You have to be good at something, or have something that the average JOE doesn’t have.
It’s the ugly truth. She says no because you aren’t attractive enough. Sorry to break it to you.

How to look attractive:

1. Smell clean and make sure your breath is OK.
2. Be as fit as you can be and have good posture.
3. Bathe regularly and wear clean clothes.
4. Take care of your hair and nails.
5. Try and hide zits if you get any.
6. Take care of your skin and teeth, don’t have chapped lips and smile.
7. Wear basic clothing that fit and make you look good, using guys that you admire for pointers on what to wear.
8. Make sure that after doing physical activity, your hair is still how you want it to look.
9. This entire article can be summed up as: Groom well and take care of yourself, like you matter.
10. Being smart is attractive to girls! This means coming off as a mature and a good person who cares about something (studies, politics, religion, music).
11. Don’t overdo it with hairstyling products. Use a light mixture of gel and a small amount of water to give you a nice hold without giving your hair a “plastic” look. Also hair ‘fiber,’ or wax provide a more controllable hold on hair, and many can be fixed if someone decides to be a jerk and mess up your hair. These are usually called ‘pliable hold’ products.
12. Don’t pay an overly amount of attention to your crush. This can come off as “stalker-like”. Talk to her. If she doesn’t like you move on. Why waste your valuable time wanting what you can’t have?
13. While trying to impress a girl, never, under any circumstances, point out your flaws if she hasn’t said anything. She most likely hasn’t noticed, and you are lowering her opinion of you if you do so.
14. Some girls don’t like stereotypical brawny, manly types. If you have someone particular in mind try to understand the person a little before you become “their” ideal via an internet guide, only to find out that they think Axe smells like the dumpster, your muscles are bulgy and creepy, and your “cool” image is just another gimmick to
15. Many girls melt at the sight of a muscled-up military look. Very few girls will turn a guy down because he’s physically fit.
16. Don’t make your change to cool clothing sudden as this will make you look like a poser. Make the change gradual lasting about a month and be sure you have the friends and the attitude to match.
17. But last of all to remember, if you don’t like the style or the new people you are hanging out with it will show. Don’t be different just to impress people. It never works, and if by some chance it does, by the end of it you’ll be miserable.

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