This Young Girl Took A Picture Of Herself for 2 Years

This YOUNG GIRL took a picture of her face EVERY DAY for 2 YEARS (Age 14-16) on Facebook
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This is what the young lady had to say about her creation:

730 days ago I started this project…..

Began: age 14 – 5395 days old
Last photo here: aged 16 – 6125 days old

NOTE ROUGHLY 50 PHOTOS ARE MISSING. Between October 07 to Jan 08 (there are some but not all) – Laptop crashed and the photos are on an older computer I cannot access.

Also, many and I have no idea how many, photos were taken on my phone, however, I have a horrible feeling that the memory card was still inside when it went to be recycled…..

Why, in places, did I stop?

I have trichotillomania, whereby I pull out my hair.
Although it may seem nothing to you, and you will probably say that I am a looney as you cannot see it:

I kept and still do, getting frustrated with myself at how bad my hair kept getting…..

I never liked it short, however, it kept getting thinner, so we kept cropping it again……

What I find funny is that – you’d expect to see my hair grow…. However, when my hair was longer than the photo – you didn’t notice it….. Only in the last month can you really see my hair growing! If you watch the hair length grows next to my eye!!! HAHAHA!!!

I think it will become more interesting as I grow my hair out… I’m waiting for my old bald patches to cover up – then I’m letting it grow full on.


Music: The Oncoming Storm
Artist: Jennifer Haines”

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